Who Needs Hearing Protection?

Hearing Protection in  Livonia, MI

The world is a noisy place, which is a good thing. Your ears need sound as much as your body needs food. But there are limits. Benjamin Franklin could have been talking about hearing loss when he said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Talk to us about hearing protection devices for any noisy environments where you work or play.

Do you have a career or hobby that requires you to hear conversations over loud noise? Traditional hearing protection can be bulky and prevent you from hearing spoken directions or quiet sounds that alert you to your surroundings. For some this is a mild inconvenience, but for others, it’s a safety concern.

That’s why we offer the best electronic hearing protection by SoundGear. Hunters, military personnel, musicians, and construction workers agree it’s the most comfortable and effective hearing protection they’ve used.

The unique design allows the device to sit comfortably in your ear and has four different settings so that you can decide what you want to hear. Contact us today for more details about SoundGear.

Custom Ear Molds And Plugs

We provide custom hearing protection as well as custom molds for iPods and Sleep Plugs. We also sell Musician Plugs ER-9, 15, 25 and Musician’s Monitors.

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